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East Riding of Yorkshire Strategic Partnership Voices Mean Choices

The focus of East Riding of Yorkshires strategic partnership is to co-create systemic change for young people who have been a victim of, or at risk of child sexual abuse and/or exploitation along with their families and carers. Asking:

  1. What language and practice do children and their families/carers need from us when working with them around exploitation?
  2. How do we identify children who are being exploited to make sure they are safer sooner?
  3. How do we work better together for children who are exploited and their families so we can get it right every time?

Our principals:

  • Focus on the experiences and needs of children, young people, and families as well as professionals across the practice system. Co-designing solutions together.
  • Hold the lived experience of our children, young people, and families in the highest regard.

Relational practice is at the heart of this project. We aim to create a learning culture where we:

  • Create a space for safe mistakes. Focusing on structure, not blame, recognising that a system’s structure generates behaviours
  • Work with Integrity and respect
  • Are comfortable with uncertainty
  • Willing to adapt and change 
  • Offer high support and high challenge
  • Effectively communicate.

Download resources

Barnardo's Project Summary for Children (pdf 1mb)

Barnardo's Project Summary for Professionals (pdf 1mb)

Research Summary - Victim Blaming Language in the Context of Child Sexual Abuse (external website)

Evidence request - Early Identification of Exploitation (external website)

VMC research visual for young people - February 2023 (external website)

VMC playback visual for young people - April 2023 (external website)

Thank you postcards (external website)

Child and Family Lived Experience Animations (pdf 14.6mb)

Voices Mean Choices Huddle update presentation 24 August 2023 (pdf 1.3mb)

Barnardo's New Evidence Report November 2023 (pdf 7.4mb)

January 2024

Voices Mean Choices Year One Evaluation Report (pdf 1.1mb)

Voices Mean Choices Independent Evaluation (pdf 1mb)

Theory of Change (pdf 178kb)

Systems Map (pdf 91kb)



Voices Mean Choices - Barnardo's and East Riding of Yorkshire Council (pdf 2.5mb)

Child Exploitation collaboration 2022-25 - Barnardo's and East Riding of Yorkshire Council (pdf 1.2mb)

EF risk group presentation 1 (pdf 1.9mb)

Huddle presentation for 9 March 2023 (pdf 1.7mb)

Voices Mean Choices - KIT update (pdf 682kb)

Baseline Report - July 2023 (word 579kb)

Barnardo's Update Huddle Dec 2023 (pdf 892kb)