Welcome to East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership (ERSCP) Inter-Agency Training Programme.

ERSCP Learning and Development Programme July 2024

ERSCP is committed to delivering high-quality inter-agency training which supports professionals, volunteers and the independent sector in their work, complimenting individual agency training strategies. Our range of courses and briefings are designed to ensure that anyone working with children and/or their family members has the knowledge and skills they need to deliver effective services to ensure children are safeguarded and their welfare promoted.

Learning opportunities are provided through a variety of means including e-learning, full and half-day face-to-face or virtual training and briefings.

The ERSCP has a responsibility under Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 to undertake reviews of individual cases, complete multi-agency audits, and provide briefings on specific safeguarding issues. Learning identified is shared through inter-agency learning and development sessions with professionals who work with children and young people to improve practice.

Details of the e-learning courses available

Details of inter-agency face-to-face and virtual learning and development sessions

Learner Management System

The ERSCP Learner Management System is run in conjunction with the Virtual College.

Please be aware, this booking system will use your email address as the username which will means you’ll be unable to use the same email address as someone else to register with an account.

Register for an account and book courses

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Frequently-asked Questions about the LMS for Learners

The frequently-asked questions are available to download below as a PDF:

Frequently-asked Questions (pdf)

If you have any further queries about courses or the Learner Management System, please contact the ERSCP:


Fees and charges

Course fees

ERSCP contributing members and Local Non-commissioned Voluntary and Community Organisations

Agencies who provide a financial contribution to the ERSCP budget include: East Riding of Yorkshire Council staff, NHS England, Humberside Police, East Riding of Yorkshire Council Schools, CAFCASS, National Probation Service

Charge: £0

All non-contributing organisations and agencies:

Any organisation or group that does not contribute to the ERSCP budget or training will be charged when a member of their staff attends an ERSCP course.

Includes: Humberside Fire and Rescue, Academies, Independent and Private Schools, Residential Care Homes, Foster Agencies, Early Years Child Care Providers (including Private Nurseries, Pre-Schools, Crèche’s, Out of School Clubs and Child Minders), Taxi Firms, Transport Services, Arts, Leisure and Culture Organisations, Independent Tutors and Supply Teachers, Commissioned Voluntary and Community Organisations, General Practitioners, Dentists, Opticians and Prison Services


£70 full-day face-to-face training
£35 half-day face-to-face (plus VAT)
Virtual courses £25 -£50 (fees dependent on number of sessions delivered over but not more than £50)

Charge: ERSCP e-learning is, where possible, free to ERSCP members unless otherwise stated. Some suggested external providers do charge – please see table on the e-learning page for more details.

Charges for cancellation

Individuals, who are unable to attend a course that has been confirmed, must cancel their booking as soon as they become aware of this. A substitute can take their place, but must be made known to the ERSCP training coordinator as soon as possible.
Cancellation charges will apply after a place has been confirmed if less than 5 working days notice of cancellation is given prior to a course date.

All organisation and agencies £50

Agencies will be charged and invoiced individually.
Cancellations will be accepted on the morning of the course for those who are ill or have certain extenuating circumstances.

Charges for non-attendance

All organisations and agencies including those that contribute to the ERSCP pool budget will be charged £50 for non attendance on the day where there has been no attempt to notify the ERSCP training coordinator.

ERSCP Virtual Training Ground Rules

To make sure all participants can focus on and get the most from the virtual courses available, we ask that you:

  • only apply for courses when you are free to commit to the whole session(s)
  • join early to check equipment and links are working
  • wear headphones when there are children or others around for whom it would not be appropriate to listen to the content of the course
  • use a space where there is minimal noise and no interruptions if joining from an office
  • complete all pre-course learning prior to joining a course. This is usually sent as an attachment in an email from
  • remain visible and engaged with the course activity throughout the session
  • cancel via email in advance (5 days) as we often have others on a waiting list who would like to take your place
  • email ERSCP training with “TODAY” as the subject if you are unable to take part in training on the day, you should include an explanation for why you are unable to take part (illness, personal emergency etc). Failure to do so will mean that your agency will be charged a non-attendance fee.
  • only answer calls or emails during the training when having a break
  • be kind to yourself and give yourself a break between the end of the training and your next activity.

We ask all practitioners (and their managers) applying for training to ensure in advance that they have enough time in work to complete pre-course learning and can undertake training without simultaneously doing other activities. This will enable them to focus and to gain the maximum possible from ERSCP training.

Course expectations

Which course?

Everyone should complete Safeguarding Everyone Level 2 (Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect) and then refresh at least every 3 years.

The right course for you will depend upon:

  • The degree of contact you have with children, young people and adults who are parents/carers
  • Your level of responsibility for safeguarding and child protection within your organisation
  • Your identified learning needs

Use supervision with your manager to select the appropriate course for your training needs.

Health Professionals - please note that ERSCP courses can contribute to meeting Intercollegiate document Level 3 competencies.

Expectations for all participants

  • Courses are designed to promote integrated working and help professionals from different agencies to network, therefore, we recommend that you apply for a course taking place in the area in which you work
  • Check the learning aims and outcomes are relevant to your responsibilities for safeguarding children and will meet your learning needs
  • Child Protection training can include subjects that some participants may find difficult. We advise that you consider where you can gain support after the course, if necessary.

Expectations of line managers

Ensure that the staff member/volunteer is working at the level of responsibility relevant to the course and; learning needs have been identified and are consistent with the aims and learning outcomes of the course.

By signing the application form you are giving a commitment that the applicant will attend for the whole course. If your staff member/volunteer is unable to attend, you must ensure that apologies are sent prior to the start of the course.

Spend time with the staff member/volunteer after the course to ensure learning is transferred into practice.

Using your personal information

ERSCP will process your personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. We may use your personal information in a number of ways, but only for the purposes for which it was given.

The personal information held by ERSCP is governed by the council's privacy statements for Training and Development purposes